Ice Bucket Apocalypse?

The number of people with Internet access and cameras taking the Ice Bucket challenge can be a grave danger to the world as we know it. Experts have begun to claim that this challenge, which has prompted thousands upon thousands of people to record themselves been drenched by ice cold water without any explanation of why they were doing it, can cause water and common sense shortage so severe that the world might never recover from it.

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You would not be faulted for indeed thinking these are the end times.

But they probably aren’t.

I would like to think that those who lived through the bubonic plague, the world wars, all thought it was the end of times…. yet here we are.

Sometimes I think that saying it is the end times is a cop out.

A cop out from actually doing something. Isn’t it easier to sit back and say “These are the end times, let me enjoy this time I have left, let me pray for my soul, let me pray for those going through something (war, disease….) etc”

And that is exactly what we have been doing….. sitting back.

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"People worry about asteroids hitting the earth, but that’s in the order of a one-in-a-thousand-years event. The solar issue is more likely to hit us once every 100 years."

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#tbt watercolor from a couple of years ago #apocalypse #fourhorsemen #death #reaper #goldleaf


#tbt watercolor from a couple of years ago #apocalypse #fourhorsemen #death #reaper #goldleaf

Oh, lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood


A voice over the PA system at the BART station encouraged passengers to “purchase round-trip tickets”, but it sounded to me like “purchase RAPTURE tickets”.

And suddenly the Left Behind books make so much more sense…



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